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  • Can I enroll anytime?
    YES! If you join 4 weeks after a session begins, tuition will be prorated by our administrators. If you join during week 2 or week 3, it is recommended that you select makeup classes to attend.
  • How do I find directions to the location I am signed up for?
    Click on the location tab for a map to each location. You will also find contact information if you need additional assistance.
  • I am interested in a class at one of the Rec Centers, how do I sign up?"
    Las Colinas/Mustang Park Rec Center is the ONLY Rec Center where you can use for registration and mke-up classes. For all other Rec Centers, you may register in person at the center, over the phone or through the Rec Center’s own website. Go to the Locations tab where you will find the Rec Centers' phone numbers and websites that are used for registration.
  • If a class is full, can I be placed on a wait list?"
    Yes! You will find the wait list at the bottom of the registration form online. The system will notify you if a spot opens up. It is not likely to happen, but it’s possible!
  • My baby won’t quite be the age listed by the time the class starts. How do I know which class to sign up for?
    The age ranges for each class are suggestions. There are always exceptions, so we leave this decision up to the parent. Be advised, when you register online you will receive a pop-up warning that your child’s age is not within the range of the class you have selected. Please ignore this message and continue with registration.
  • I have a baby who is younger than the sibling enrolled in the class. Can I bring baby along?
    Yes! We are happy for you to bring younger siblings. Often they will be content to stay in a car seat, in a baby carrier, or even in the adult’s lap. If baby needs some extra attention, you are welcome to step out for a moment and later return to the class.
  • I have a child who is older than the sibling enrolled in the class. Can I bring big brother or big sister along?
    Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t produce the same learning opportunities as the above mentioned (when baby is accompanying the older sibling.) We suggest that you choose a time to bring baby to class while big brother or big sister is either with another caregiver or MDO/Preschool
  • I already have the home materials from an older child. Do I need to purchase them again?
    Nope! Please let us know you already have the home materials in the comment box provided on the registration form online. A credit adjustment will be manually made to your account.
  • Can I make up a class if my child is sick/sleeping/grumpy/out-of-town?
    Absolutely! We offer make ups within the session as long as you are enrolled. Please visit this link to book your make up class.
  • This is my first Kindermusik class, do I need to wear anything specifically?"
    We request adults bring socks or footies for hygiene and safety. Children are best barefoot.
  • How do we continue music at home?
    Your home materials include a CD of all of the award winning music we use in class, books, instruments, and activities for you to use with your child that enhance what we are learning in class. We promise hours of singing, playing, and cuddling at home since you are your child’s first and favorite teacher.
  • My 3 ½ yr old frequently experiences separation anxiety or may have a meltdown during class. What should I do?
    Since the class for 3 ½ yr olds is without an adult caregiver, we recommend the parent reassure the child with a quick hug and remind them that you will be present at the end of the class. Our teachers understand this can be a delicate time and they have many tools to also reassure your child and to encourage them to engage in the playful learning of the moment. Feel free to bring a lovey or a stuffed animal if it will add more comfort during the lesson.
  • I love to document and share all of my child’s fun and happy moments, is it ok if I Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat during class?"
    Pictures and videos are encouraged in moderation. However, during the 45 minute lesson you will want your focus and attention to be on your child. Please refrain from updating your status or clearing out your inbox during the class time. All phones are required to be in silent mode.
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